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Famous high-pressure cleaners with professional equipment are offered here, as well as ultra-high-pressure cleaners or vacuum sweepers and a wide variety of efficient and energy-saving cleaning equipment.

Professional cleaning equipment including sweepers, scrubbers, vacuum cleaners, high-pressure cleaners, multipurpose cleaning carts, window washing systems, microfiber cloths and a wide range of consumables.

Floor scrubbers with and without cables. Both for the most demanding professional and the inexperienced individual. Revolutionary teams!

IK spray solutions from expert to expert with industrial sprayers designed to meet the needs of MATABI professional sectors that serve both your passion for gardening and your work in the garden and your professionalism in agriculture.

Combination drills, impact drills, torches, vacuum cleaners, lawn mowers, the widest range. Professional tools both electric and batteries.

Innovative compact cleaning with rotary and eccentric machines. Ideal machinery for the edge of the pool (submerging the head), the changing room, stairs, the tiled wall or the non-slip floor. They reach any corner.

The most effective way of cleaning and maintaining floors with eccentric machines with very important benefits, four times faster, with a unique, ergonomic and easy-to-use design, respectful of the environment and the best deep cleaning. With two years warranty.

The most reliable and durable scrubbers and sweepers on the national and international market, with the widest variety of proposals for both purchase, renting and rental. With the possibility of an all-inclusive maintenance contract (brushes, lipsticks, batteries…) and 48-hour assistance.

A complete range of professional machinery for interior cleaning: hotels, restaurants, hospitals, dealerships, offices… As well as for domestic use, for maximum efficiency and long life: vacuum cleaners, carpet brushes and other machines, both electric and battery. We also sell highly professional accessories to obtain the maximum efficiency of the equipment.

Technical team to provide solutions in the project, installation and maintenance of bridge equipment, train and washing centers (boxes). Great experience in maintenance, reforms and new installations of service stations. Wide range of services for fuel distribution companies. Reforms and construction of port oil facilities. Large or small installations of deposits for own consumption of fuels and maintenance.

Manufacturers of custom PVC windows for installers and construction and renovation professionals. We want to be your trusted supplier for any project. Having your manufacturer close to you has many advantages: shorter manufacturing times, lower transport costs, flexibility in case of emergencies; You favor a company from the local industrial fabric, establish synergies and collaborations between different companies and contribute to strengthening the economy of Mallorca.